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Hey! We're so happy you found us! If you haven't heard of Central 23, you have a lot to learn new friend!

We started Central 23 in 2016 with an aim to create the most fun for our customers by continually improving our product, exposure and experience with an unorthodox attention to detail!

We will do everything we can to achieve that goal. We document a lot of our office shenanigans on Instagram.

We try to add fun to everything we do! We get pleasure from making people laugh and then seeing them pee themselves cause they laughed so hard. I have seen way too many urine soaked underwear in my time (and that isn't even from the laughing... yes, I still wet the bed)

We are based in the heart of Central London, Soho to be exact. We are behind a very welcoming graffiti ridden door. There are so many games you can play in Soho but our favourite is called “what is that smell”. It will keep you guessing for hours!